"I am so glad we chose to have Zoe as a doula for this birth. We didn't use a doula for my first three births and the added support, encouragement and resources are entirely worth the investment. Specifically with Zoe, she was amazing because I felt listened to and empowered with my decisions/desires; I never felt like Zoe put her preferences on me. Rather, she was able to give unbiased information and choices. I loved that I was able to have someone constantly with me during birth, to give my husband a break, and be an advocate for my birthing needs. My birthing experience was remarkably different having Zoe!"

-Marisa O.

"Zoe was amazing. My son was a preemie and my labor was incredibly sudden. My labor was supposed to have been halted but that option became unavailable when a medical condition was discovered. This was very early in the morning at 1-3am. She provided text support and as soon as I called stating I was close to delivering she came over. Unfortunately, my labor was a little too fast, 5cm to baby born in less than 30 minutes, and everyone, including my husband, missed. Even with her missing the actual birth, her support was so worth every penny. She helped with my daughter who was too young to be allowed in the NICU. She allowed me to rest and recover. Helped my husband when I was too overcome to support him. My after birth time period would have been horrible without her."

-Christine B.

"Zoe was so knowledgable and efficient in helping my labor progress quickly. I felt like she had all the answers when I was unable to think of anything and that made my labor feel less stressful. She was very encouraging and made me feel more comfortable as well as my husband. I believe that my labor and delivery wouldn't have gone as smoothly without her; I couldn't have asked for a better birth story. It was also great to see how much she she cared for me and my baby and she did everything she could to ensure that my birth plan was followed as closely as possible. We will definitely be using Zoe for all of our future births."

-Erin N.

"I am expecting my first child this week! So a couple weeks ago Zoe came to my house to go over lactation and breastfeeding. I found the information she gave me to be very helpful. She was very personable which made it easy to ask questions. She had the answers to all of my questions and even went home and sent me more information about a few things I'd asked about. She has made it very clear that I can contact her anytime with questions once the baby is here and I'm breastfeeding. I feel that her offer is very genuine and I will be taking her up on it. She really does have a passion for this stuff and I'm blessed to know her."

-Kathryn V.

"I have only known Zoe for a short period of time, but she has been instrumental in helping me navigate the complications of breastfeeding. I feel that she understood my concerns and difficulties; offered valuable insight in a timely manner; and has been very encouraging throughout the process. By emphasizing and sharing her personal experiences she put me more at ease, and boosted my confidence in myself and my own situation. Zoe's desire to help other mothers is apparent.

-Audra S.

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