Fueled by a shared passion for empowered birth & parenthood,
Colorado Springs Doula Collaborative
was founded with a commitment to providing accessible, exceptional, evidence-based education and support in the Pikes Peak community.

About Colorado Springs Doula Collaborative

When Kaylee Mauder and I met in a prenatal yoga class while pregnant with our second babies, we had no idea just how much our paths would really intertwine. A strong sisterhood quickly formed with a fierce passion for birth and motherhood building in our hearts. After we had both found our way into birth work, it was only natural to ultimately bring our friendship and life's calling together into a beautiful collaboration we founded in May 2016, aptly named the Colorado Springs Doula Collaborative. Through CSDC, we are committed to providing accessible, exceptional, evidence-based education, care, and support for families through the childbearing and parenting seasons. We hold it as the deepest honor when we are considered to walk with you in these most intimate and transformative journeys.

Rock Your Baby Birth Services partnered with the Colorado Springs Doula Collaborative is proudly offering flexible payment options, personalized payment plans, and a sliding scale.

For more information about the Colorado Springs Doula Collaborative, visit our website.